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7 Reasons to Participate in Off-Site Team Building Exercises

By March 4, 2022January 6th, 2023No Comments

Hosting an off-site team building activity after two years of separation and remote work is a terrific approach to bring your team back together in person and help them re-engage.

Even assembling staff in person at the workplace in recent years has been nearly impossible, let alone bringing everyone together for an off-site team building exercise.

However, as businesses in Ireland and Europe begin to reopen in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, now is a better time than ever to bring your remote and on-site colleagues together in an off-site location.

Here are seven major advantages of organizing an off-site team-building activity for your company.

1. Reconnection After a Pandemic

First and foremost, it’s possible that your team hasn’t seen each other in person in over a year.

As a result, it’s a fair bet that bringing them back together for an in-person activity will be a terrific method to help them restore their ties and bonds.

And, as much fun as it is to undertake team building activities at work, hosting an off-site team building activity will help them reconnect while also creating a sense of excitement that is heightened by being in a new and exciting location.

Remember that if your team hasn’t seen each other in a while, you should definitely start your team building activity with some icebreaker questions to get everyone warmed up.

2. Thinking Outside the Box

While it may not seem like it, participating in an off-site team building exercise can actually encourage creative thinking.

Because being at the workplace means being surrounded by the same monotonous surroundings every day.

Experts, on the other hand, claim that a change of scenery can boost creativity while also improving general happiness and quality of life.

So, if you want to keep your employees’ thoughts stimulated, change around the venue. And if you’re searching for some off-site team building activities that encourage creative problem-solving, we’ve got a few ideas for you.

3. Creating a Festive Atmosphere

When employees get to spend a day away from the workplace or home and have fun together in a new location, it’s a cause for celebration.

Another wonderful motivation to participate in off-site team building activities is to celebrate your team’s victories and triumphs in a new and exciting location.

It does wonders for your team’s welfare and overall engagement when they feel acknowledged and celebrated.

If you really want to up the ante, consider hiring a guest speaker for your corporate event and a caterer for your off-site meeting.

4. There are less distractions

It’s difficult to resist thinking about work when you’re in the workplace, especially if you’re close to your desk.

However, getting away from the office to participate in an off-site team building exercise helps your team focus more attentively on the event at hand by removing the usual workplace distractions.

There will be no ringing phones, no email notifications, and no instant messaging app messages to distract you.

It’s true that getting everyone away from their desks and phones for a few hours can seem like a tall order, especially if your coworkers deal with customers or are paid on commission. But it’ll be worth it because your employees will be taken away from their desks and become fully immersed in the action.

5. Socialization and networking inside the company

Employees, teams, and departments are more likely to break out of silos and connect in ways they might not have been able to do at the office when they are placed in a new environment.

6. Attracting and Retaining Talent

Off-site team development events have long-term benefits in addition to immediate ones. They can also help the company’s culture and staffing in the long run.

A dynamic and engaging business culture is a significant lure for both prospective and current employees.

As a result, it will not only help keep your current staff, lowering the cost of employee turnover, but it will also make your company more appealing to potential A-Player personnel.

7. Increased Participation

When you add up the benefits of all of the aspects discussed in this article, one clear conclusion emerges: off-site team building activities lead to more employee engagement, which leads to stronger teams, happier and more productive employees, and, ultimately, better business performance.

For over two years, the world has been on hiatus. Hosting off-site team building events will be a terrific way to kick-start relationships and get employees re-engaged once things return to normal and you’re able to start bringing your team together in person again.

This year, will you be hosting any off-site team-building activities? In 2022, plan a memorable off-site team-building activity. Contact an Employee Engagement Consultant if you have questions about how to design an off-site team building activity that your staff will enjoy.

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