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Christmas In Dublin: 10 Things To See And Do

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Dublin is a lovely city to visit any time of year, but there is something particularly magical about going during Christmas. Although they may not be as devout as they once were, Irish people still have a deep affection for all things Christmas. You have arrived to the right spot if you are planning to spend Christmas in Dublin. We’ll share our suggestions for the top Christmas activities in Dublin.

1. View the Grafton Street Lighting

2. Purchase some food at the Powerscourt Shopping Center.

3. Visit The Temple Bar to get into the holiday spirit

4. Warm Up in Butlers With a Hot Chocolate

5. Drink a Hot Toddy to get into the Christmas spirit.

6. Take a Dublin Walking Tour

7. Sip some Guinness at O’Donoghue’s

8. Try the 12 Christmas Pubs.

9. Skate on the ice

10. Go Christmas Market Shopping

1. View the Grafton Street Lighting

A trip to Ireland wouldn’t be complete without traveling the entire length of Grafton Street, one of the most well-known streets in the world.

You could easily spend an afternoon listening to the great musicians who are playing for the passing shoppers up and down Grafton as there are always people performing there.

When the lights that run the length of the street are turned on during the winter, Grafton Street takes on an incredibly magnificent appearance. If you intend to travel to Ireland in December, make sure to read our article about the climate there so you’ll know what to bring.

When the “Welcome to the Grafton Quarter” lights were unveiled in 2019, some Irish people became irritated. They objected to the term “quarter” being used to describe the roadway. To us, Grafton Street will always be the name!

2. Purchase some food at the Powerscourt Shopping Center

Grafton Street is only a short distance away, and the Powerscourt Shopping Centre likes to go all out during the holiday season. It’s a charmingly cozy shopping area where you can indulge in upscale shopping and delectable meals.

In the middle of the eighteenth century, Richard Wingfield, a member of the Irish house of lords, lived in the townhouse that is now the shopping center. The Irish government bought it after he left, and it has been a shopping complex ever since.

The Victorian architecture is obvious and it’s fairly small-scale. There is a wide variety of stores and eateries, thus it should be added to the list.

3. Visit The Temple Bar to get into the holiday spirit

For those who don’t know, the majority of tourists enjoy visiting Dublin’s Temple Bar neighborhood. There are countless bars to select from, and they all frequently have live music playing.

The Temple Bar is a single bar in the Temple Bar neighborhood and the hub of the entire area.

Our feelings toward the renowned bar The Temple Bar are mixed. It is undoubtedly one of Dublin’s priciest and most crowded pubs, and occasionally you won’t even see any Irish people there!

A pint of Guinness here costs at around €6.50, which is much more than the standard price of about €5.45.

However, they truly go all out for the holidays, and the inside is hard to top on a chilly Dublin winter night.

The tavern is constantly jam-packed to the gills with patrons, and there are Christmas decorations EVERYWHERE. Tinsel and lights are strung across the ceiling. You must undoubtedly experience it if you spend Christmas in Dublin.

4. Warm Up in Butlers With a Hot Chocolate

Nothing warms you up like a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly city day. There are a lot of options in Dublin. Unbeatable hot chocolate may be had at Brother Hubbard on Capel Street. But when it comes to us, we adore everything about Butlers Chocolate Cafe.

Butlers is a chocolate manufacturer with Irish ownership that was established in Dublin more than 85 years ago. They established their own chocolate cafes, which are incredibly well-liked in Dublin, about ten years ago.

Every time you order a drink, you also get a piece of chocolate. It’s a lovely touch to top off the cake! The white chocolate hot chocolate is outstanding and is constantly suggested.

5. Drink a Hot Toddy to get into the Christmas spirit

For those chilly winter days, a hot toddy, or hot whiskey as it is known in Ireland, is the ideal alcoholic beverage. Irish people truly think that this beverage has therapeutic benefits, especially if you need a decongestant for a cold.

The simplest hot whiskey recipe calls for whiskey, hot water, sugar, and a lemon wedge with three to four cloves inserted. The cloves give it a mildly spicy kick, and because they are embedded in the lemon, you can’t truly swallow it.

In other versions, ingredients like tea, honey, cinnamon, and anise are included, so you can definitely be creative.

When visiting Dublin, you can find a hot toddy almost anywhere, and some locations have their own variation on the beverage. We suggest entering Kehoes, a quaint old Victorian bar in Dublin that is great in the winter.

6. Take a Dublin Walking Tour

A walking tour is a wonderful way to spend a day if you don’t mind wandering around in the brisk winter air. In the recent years, Airbnb has expanded beyond just providing lodging and is now a platform for organizing activities all over the world.

Numerous tour options are available in Dublin, including history tours, craft beer tours, whiskey tours, and architecture excursions. The list goes on and on! Check out our article on some of the best day trips you can do from Dublin if you want to venture a little further.

7. Sip some Guinness at O’Donoghue’s Pub

It is impossible to visit Dublin for a few days without drinking a pint of Guinness, sometimes known as “the Black Stuff.”

Irish pubs are fantastic because most of them have a fire going in each room. In order to warm up by the fire while you wait for your pint to settle, you can come inside out of the cold.

We chose O’Donoghues because it is quite cozy, features live traditional Irish music every weekend, and has excellent Guinness. What more could one ask for?

8. Try the 12 Christmas Pubs

An international tradition known as the “12 pubs of Christmas” involves parties of friends racing against the clock to visit all 12 establishments. Locals in Ireland like making the difficult attempt, but few succeed in finishing it.

Some people like to add an additional layer to this by having distinct rules at each bar. One tavern, for instance, only allows you to drink with your non-dominant hand.

Another restriction is that you must talk in a different accent or refrain from using any swear words in another bar.

Our favorite “best buddy rule” is the one that requires you to hold hands with someone the entire time you’re in the bar. This is particularly sneaky around the fourth or fifth pub when customers will need the restroom!

Although there are numerous pubs to pick from, you can’t go wrong by starting on Georges Street, where there are many options.

9. Skate on the ice

You will need to venture a little outside of the city center of Dublin if you want to go ice skating. In Smithfield, Dublin, there is occasionally an ice skating rink, however it is not always present.

Dundrum on Ice, a skating rink in Dundrum Town Center, is something you should definitely check out. If you’re taking public transportation, it would take you roughly 30 minutes to get there from the City Center.

The Dundrum Shopping Center is a great spot to visit after spending the day skating because it is located close to the ice rink.

10. Go Christmas Market Shopping

Okay, so Dublin’s holiday shopping may not compare to, say, the Christmas markets in Germany, but there are still some fantastic items available.

Look for one-of-a-kind, handmade items such as crafts, jewelry, toys, and food.

Phoenix Park’s Farmleigh House opens for business and transforms into a food market. There is also entertainment in the form of music and lighting. The “12 Days of Christmas” Market with food, presents, and mulled wine is taking place in Dublin’s Docklands from December 12 through December 23. The biggest in the city is this.

Have a wonderful Christmas in Dublin!

Merry Christmas!

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