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Dublin City Treasure Hunts

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Dublin Treasure Hunts and Team Building Activities

Where’s the craic? Dublin, of course – nobody can party quite like they can here!

This is why Dublin is such a great place to go on one of Event Square’s exciting treasure hunt activities. This city has so much individuality, and the Dubliners are such a kind people, so you’ll always feel at ease while you explore this beautiful area.

The city is yours to explore, from Temple Bar’s vibrant nightlife to the serene landscapes of St. Stephen’s Green. Will you encounter the ‘Tart With The Cart’ or walk right past the ‘Stiletto In The Ghetto’? And who the hell are they?! Only Dubliners are aware of these secrets, and if you’re lucky, they may reveal them to you.

Event Square’s treasure hunt challenges will take you all over Dublin, and whether you want to explore the city in depth or merely utilize it as a backdrop for one of our other activities, you’ll be faced with questions and tasks that will put your knowledge and intellect to the test. In this competitive, exciting, and unique corporate team building game, you, your coworkers, and friends will channel your most creative side to collect points through photo and video challenges.

Treasure hunts are a terrific way to create positive teamwork. They encourage people to engage and communicate with one another in a less formal setting than the office. This is useful in a variety of scenarios. There may be new workers joining your team who haven’t yet had the opportunity to collaborate or integrate with existing staff, or you may just want to increase morale among long-serving personnel. The treasure hunt is designed to encourage groups to complete tasks by working together as a team and using problem-solving abilities to devise strategic plans to help them complete the obstacles throughout the game.

The Top 5 Advantages of Treasure Hunt Team Building Activities

  • Encourages leadership, connection, and communication: To solve the clues, you’ll need to work together, and several of our formats reward hard work. In our fast-paced treasure hunts, communication is crucial.
  • Business skills improve: Teams competing in our treasure hunt are scored not only on their ability to complete the treasure hunt, but also on their ability to purchase a succession of products for the lowest possible price. The shrewdest team is likely to win, as it rewards planning abilities and business acumen.
  • Encourages creativity and ‘outside-the-box’ thinking: One of our favorite treasure hunts requires each team to bring a camera and record a series of obstacles in order to produce amusing outcomes.
  • Morale improves: Treasure hunts are not only beneficial to a team’s functional aspects, but they are also a lot of fun. Treasure hunts are a terrific way to laugh out loud and create a lasting experience by personalizing an event from your selected site with personalised clues.
  • Flexibility: Our treasure hunts can be completed from practically anywhere, including your office or favorite after-work hangout! Because practically every component of each event may be customized to meet your specific needs, almost any request can be met. Because of the event’s flexibility in terms of clues, locations, and prizes, the ‘message’ or goal of a treasure hunt can be communicated to teams in an interesting manner.

Event Square specializes in engaging team activities, and we aim to provide your team with an unforgettable experience. Take a look at our selection of team building activities and treasure hunts in Dublin here.

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