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Apart from commercial and advertising tents our product range includes a colorful assortment of accessories for your stand. These are beanbags, flags, garden and restaurant umbrellas, roll-ups and advertising boards. This enables you to provide complete branded event equipment at your next event, activation, trade fair, promotional stand or experiential marketing campaign

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Product Description:

  • Cubes

Because of their various uses, advertising cubes can be described as a 2-in-1 product (a table and a seat), and in case of Origami cubes – even 3-in-1 (additional use as a storage box). That’s not all ! When choosing cubes, you can decide on the type of filling, as well as the cover fabric. A choice of polyester or PVC covers. You can also decide whether you want your cubes to have soft or hard filling (hard filling is recommended when you want your cube to be a table, not just a seat). Our offer includes cubes in two sizes: 40x40x40 and 50x50x50. If you want to create a “wow effect” on your event’s guests, use the cubes to create a wall in the form of a jigsaw puzzle – up to 6 pictures to be arranged!

  • Poncho Banners

Thanks to Poncho banners, separating event zones becomes easier! You no longer have to worry about time-consuming banner mounting on barriers or organizing the right amount of plastic zip ties. Poncho banners are simply placed over the barrier and attached with strong hook and loop tape sewn into the fabric. Installation is quick, efficient and requires no additional tools. Make full use of the advertising space and print both sides of the banner. The polyester cover is lightweight and the sublimation print is extremely durable.

  • Advertising wedges

Advertising wedges filled with polyurethane foam are durable, yet lightweight and easy to transport. They determin the event area and at the same time perform an advertising function. Thanks to the fact that they bend under pressure, they are safe for the participants of the event. The side walls of the advertising banners are sewn with webbing ending in steel half-rings, so if you need a stable installation of the wedge, it can be anchored to the ground with pins.

  • Umbrellas

Advertising umbrellas are an integral part of summer gardens in restaurants and hotels. They protect against the sun and rain, and with print they can nicely present the company’s logo. Advertising umbrellas are a very popular and effective advertising medium, which thanks to the aluminium construction, is characterized by remarkable durability, as well as ease of transport and assembly.

  • Beanbags

The chillzone is a must have during events. And where there is a chillzone, that’s where promotional bean bags are essential. Use the entire surface of the seats and put interesting graphics on their cover. Advertising bean bags also successfully equip office spaces: waiting rooms, showrooms and customer service offices. In our offer you will find bean bags, cubes, Kiddy bean bags and Origami cubes, which you can also use as a box or a table.

  • Flags

Advertising flags attract attention from a distance and indicate the location of the event. This is why high flag poles with original graphics printed on the flags are definitely a good way to advertise. We made sure that our flags are unique: aluminum poles are responsible for their strength and resistance to wind gusts, and the digital print placed on the flags is resistant to abrasion. Flags can be an independent advertising medium or complement to an event stand, e. g. in combination with express tents.

  • Roll-ups

Rollups are popular advertising media. Take them with you to events in which you participate and let your customers remember you for longer. Roll-ups can be a part of a stand’s equipment or can be used independently. On a daily basis, in administrative facilities and offices, they serve the function of display and information. During industry events, these lightweight display systems allow you to present your brand’s logo and advertising message. When you don’t need the rollup, you can fold it in just a few seconds and store in the aluminium cassette.

  • Promotional barriers

Advertising barriers are an essential part of all sports competitions, concerts and other big/major events. They separate the service part from the event zone, and during sports competitions they set the route of the run or space for the organizers and participants. The extensions combined with the main structure enable modular connection of advertising barriers, and their mobility allows you to change the setting of the fences even during the event.

  • Sails

An advertising sun hsail is an interesting alternative to umbrellas, but due to the specifics of its installation, it can only be used in a suitable space. Attach the sail to trees or building elements and determine the height and angle of the sail according to your needs. The huge surface of the sail will cover the chosen event space, protecting it from excessive sun and light rainfall. Graphics placed on it will be visible from a distance and will certainly be recognized by customers as an original form of advertising

  • Deck chairs

With our advertising deckchairs, you can accompany your customers on the beaches, in restaurants or during events, and your customers, unknowingly, associate with your brand so it becomes recognizable to them. If you want to stand out from the crowd even more, choose a double-sided printing and a back valance. Make good use of this advertising space and the message will certainly not go unnoticed.

  • Chairs

Seats with the logo are a permanent feature of all indoor and outdoor events. If you want to draw the attention of the event’s guests to your company, choose the original advertising media. A chair with one-sided or double-sided printing gives you the opportunity to design an interesting advertising message. Take advantage of this, mark your presence at the event and reach new customers.

  • Zipper-walls

Zipper walls are mobile advertising media. You can choose their size and shape, and decide which graphics will be printed on the cover. The zipper wall is easy to transport in the trunk of your car, and to quickly unfold it on the spot. The cover is made of stretch fabric to make it even easier to install. Use zipper walls as an addition to the stand or to separate a completely independent event space.

  • Stand table

When designing a stand for the trade fair, you take care of an impeccable presentation of your company. Remember that it is equally important to separate the space where customers will be able to talk to you. A stand table is used as a supplement to the trade fair stand or a mobile advertising stand, e.g. as an information point during events.


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