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The Jehlan Static tent, which is visible from afar, is an integral part of mass events. The robust construction and high quality water-resistant and tear-resistant fabric of the cover make the weather conditions no longer an obstacle to outdoor events. Jehlan Static tents cover an area of 15 to 227 m² and can accommodate from 22 to 190 people under their roof, depending on the size version chosen. The huge advertising area of the tent allows you to put any graphics on its sheathing.

Jehlan tents are produced in 7 versions: Mini 1 Mini 2 Mini 3 Base 1 Base 2 Base 2 Stage Base 3

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Product Description:

Due to their original shape, they attract the attention of the event participants. The possibility of installing lighting on the structure of the tent allows to create a spectacular lighting installation and build the atmosphere of the event. Jehlan Static tents are produced in a 10 or 12 metre diameter version with 1, 2 or 3 masts. Their huge area goes hand in hand with small transport dimensions, not exceeding 140 cm, thanks to which you can transport a complex tent even with a Combi car. Ropes in the masts and a crank in the base make raising the roof easy and fast – it takes about 40 minutes to set up Jehlan.


Colour Palette:

For the production we use fabrics resistant to tears and mechanical damage. We use fabrics resistant to tears and mechanical damage for production. We also use fire-resistant and UV-resistant fabrics. You can order the canopy of our event tents in a colour chosen from the following 20 fabric colours. A wider range of possibilities gives you a choice of coverings with digital printing. This will allow you to personalize your tent – we will make the cover in the colour of your choice and place unique graphics on it (e. g. your logo). PVC-COATED POLYESTER 330 g COLOUR PALETTE The outer layer of PVC reinforces the fabric and protects against fading. Advertising is applied with solvent-based printing protected by lamination (on white fabric) as well as by screen printing (on colored fabric).

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