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Challenge your students to learn how to survive in the wild and wild cook haute cuisine on an open fire. Bush Master Survival Challenge involves all the team in collaborative tasks in this Bushcraft meets Master Chef event. Key teambuilding takes place as teams lead, subdivide, motivate, communicate and bond in this fun but challenging activity. Which team will beat the rest to gain the ‘Bushmaster’ title?


How does the Bush Master Survival Challenge work?

Bushcraft meets Master Chef in this unique survival skills challenge with a  twist. Students will work together to cook a ‘Masterchef’ style meal outdoors on a camp fire, build shelters from forest materials to house their group, learn basic navigation and map skills in order to locate their hidden stash of food for the meal. Our survival instructors will score teams based on their fire, shelter, and of course meal that will be presented Masterchef style in a unique forest themed restaurant designed by the teams.

Sample activities include:

  • Fire Lighting – Starting a fire using a flint striker and sourcing enough wood cook a hearty meal
  • Navigation – Navigating using maps to find and retrieve hidden food caches
  • Shelter Building – Building a shelter that would be able to hold up against the elements using materials scavenged from the forest
  • Wild Cooking – Preparing and cooking a multi-course meal that will be scored by our survival experts in a Master Chef-style challenge.

What is included? 

  • Venue Sourcing
  • Event Planning
  • 3 hour activity program
  • Food for the camp fire cooking (not for client consumption)
  • Prize Giving

What is not included? 

  • Food & Beverages are an extra cost. We can organise this for you through the chosen venue
  • Transport to and from the venue but we can organise this for you

How can it help your team?

The Bush Master Survival Challenge is an ideal inclusive soft adventure teambuilding challenge to help improve team leadership, collaboration, and communication. Collectively, group members must prioritise the importance of each task and allocate team members accordingly. Each participant will play an important role to be allocated by leaders, consensus, or natural order as shelter builders, fire starters, wood collectors, navigators, and of course Michelin star camp cooking chefs and a charming host or hostess are central to a team’s success.

Key Team Benefits:

  • Communication skills
  • Logical problem solving
  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Team dynamics
  • Leadership skills
  • Shared experience
  • Group cohesion

Event Information:

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