Tipi Adventures Ireland

Tipi Adventures Ireland in Rathdrum, Wicklow is an ideal venue for your next Corporate Teambuilding Event, or Company Day Out. The site is in a woodland forest where scenes from the popular TV series Vikings were filmed. Get outdoors and spend the day in the woods along the banks of the river Avonmore. The location is a beautiful and natural wild environment and a perfect place to unwind, learn some outdoor skills and have a chance to reconnect with nature. Align your company’s social and environmental strategies and stay true to your corporate principles of sustainability in the perfect corporate teambuilding program in unspoilt nature.


Why Tipi Adventures Ireland? 

Located less than 60 km and only 50 minutes from Dublin in Rathdrum (Co. Wicklow), Tipi Adventures Ireland is based in the pristine forest alongside the Avonmore river making it an ideal location for your next adventurous company event.

Meeting & Event Space:

No projectors, no slides, no laptop, no electricity. Just you, your team, and the perfect environment to explore ideas, and to connect and collaborate with you team. Why not try an alternative nature meeting under a tarp around a camp fire? Event Square and Tipee Adventures have partnered to offer a large range of unique product offerings for your next team day away.

Bar & Dining:

Camp fire cooking and mouth watering dishes that one would not expect to find in the woods adds to this eco-friendly setting by combining creativity, fresh locally sourced ingredients, and an open fire creates a unique gastronomic experience.

Choose a bespoke menus for feasts in the woods suitable for larger groups or private events with roasting boxes, smokers, steamers and Asado cross (used to cook large cuts of meat the South American way). Food is normally served ‘Street Food’ style using biodegradable cutlery and packaging.

There is no licensed bar but groups may take their own drinks that can be served on site (corkage fee).

* Tipi Adventures Ireland is certified for open fire camp cooking.


R755, Ballyhad Lower, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

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