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How to Keep your Hybrid Team Connected and Motivated

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Ireland has been severely hit by COVID-19 during the past two years, and the disruptions to our economy, way of life, and job will last for monthsmore. For the foreseeable future, remote and hybrid working will remain the standard for the majority of us and our teams.  Follow this guide to empower your team to work differently and enable seamless collaboration and teamwork.

Ten suggestions for remote work

Establishing a regular routine, embracing technology tools for collaboration, maintaining frequent communication with your team, remaining as reachable as possible during working hours, and not relying too much on email/IM in favor of phone/VC are all good ways to start.
07 Schedule work and break hours on your calendar.
Spend time engaging in casual social encounters.
09 Regularly talk to your manager on how you’re doing.
10 Don’t be reluctant to unplug at the end of the day.

There are four ways to promote your physical and mental health:

Increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and a better work-life balance are all benefits of working remotely. However, working remotely for an extended period of time may be bad for your physical and mental health. It is essential to look out for the general wellbeing of your team if you want to guarantee ongoing productivity, engagement, and excellent employee morale.

Show compassion

Keep in mind to be kind to others as they adjust to their new workplace as you manage working remotely.

  • Be patient: Recognize that each person is working in a unique context with unique obstacles.
  • Watch your tone: When communicating electronically, be mindful of your tone.
  • Be respectful: Consider others’ availability for employment while interacting with them. rely on your group: Have faith in the ability of your team members to finish tasks while working from home.
  • Encourage your staff to concentrate on results rather than the time to avoid presentism.

Set limitations

Maintaining motivation and focus while working from home is one of the hardest obstacles. In order to keep things moving, boundaries are essential.

  • Set distinct start and end hours for work and breaks in order to avoid long-term burnout.
  • Follow a schedule: Set daily goals and be specific about deadlines. Think back on your day: This will make you feel good and motivate you to keep going.
  • Turn off and unplug all work gadgets, then leave them at the location where you will be working.

Develop wholesome habits

When working from home, people frequently neglect their healthy routines. Increase your physical well-being by using the advice below.

  • Taking breaks allows you to stretch. Schedule breaks in your calendar.
  • Eat regularly and healthfully: Eat every two to three hours, and drink plenty of water.
  • Sleep plenty, and try to stick to a regular sleep schedule for maximum alertness. Exercise: Maintain social distance while doing daily exercise in the open air.
  • Refresh your memory: To unwind and unwind, use meditation applications like Headspace and Calm. Maintain Contact Working remotely can occasionally cause team members to feel alone and disconnected from one another.

Video Calls

  • To enable people to see one another, schedule frequent video calls and check-ins with the team.
  • Virtual coffee breaks and after-work cocktails are great ways to socialize with coworkers.
  • Health check-ins: Plan team well-being check-ins to talk about how people are doing away from the office.
  • Recognise the effort: Recognize efforts both in public settings and one-on-one conversations.

Advice for leaders

When a team is working electronically, there is inherent uncertainty that can lead to assumptions about focus and dedication to work. Assume good intentions with all team members and have a chat before drawing any conclusions about how work is getting done. Success depends on having a connection built on mutual respect, honest communication, and well-defined expectations.

Organize productive online meetings

The following advice may help empower your team members to operate differently as we go toward virtual meetings:

  • Consider your audience: Think carefully about who you invite to the meeting because there will be more contact with a smaller group.
  • Getting ready for your meeting Pick the most effective virtual tools for the meeting, test the hardware in advance, and arrive a little early
  • Be welcoming: Get people involved and offer them a chance to speak
  • Collaborate: Instead of one-way communication from the meeting host, promote collaboration during the discussion
  • Make it participatory: Include interactive components like polls, conversations, and audience feedback.
  • Be there: Turn up your video to help participants feel more connected to one another and to increase attention.

Motivate your team

Life as we know it has substantially changed in the past few weeks as a result of Covid-19, and this change has been enormous. It is more crucial than ever to get in touch with your staff during this time and to inspire them. How can we accept our new working practices and inspire employees?

The advice that follows outlines how to develop intrinsic motivation and inspire others:

Specify goals:

  • Define the team members’ options based on their present working circumstances.
  • Specify the ground rules. Establish communication and update frequency as well as the availability of team members.
  • Follow development in real time. Use software to update others on tasks.

Set a good example:

  • Use the same communication and collaboration tools your team does to show your dedication to the success of remote work.
  • When you can, use your video to encourage people and establish personal connections.

Update roles and responsibilities:

Team leaders should evaluate, update, and make sure that everyone on the team is clear about their duties and goals when working remotely.
You must make yourself available to your team and create clear lines of contact for inquiries or issues.

Seek perspective:

  • Consider your team’s viewpoint when you create positive goals and specify how to reach them.
  • Be patient and try to view the situation from the perspective of your team.
  • Set aside time during check-ins to talk about what is going well and solicit ideas for what should be improved upon when the team is working remotely.

Celebrate Success:

  • Establish a moment on Fridays to recognize and discuss any successes from the previous week, whether they were professional or personal.

Be Flexible:

  • Keep in mind that you should constantly be ready to modify your plan. Contact us

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