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“It is surprising how much I get done when I take enough time for planning, and it is perfectly amazing how little I get done without it!” – Frank Bettger (1888-1981), best selling author

M-Power your team! Learn to manage your Productivity, Energy and Time – Positively, Mindfully and Enjoyably! with expert facilitator Seán M Kelly BSc Dip (Appl.Sc.) Master NLP

Sean is a leading expert on how to use more of your minds infinite potential. He trains and coaches organisations and individuals worldwide to greatly improve their performance by learning more about their mind and its infinite potential! With over twenty years experience in the training industry, Sean has developed and delivered training to many successful businesses and organisations including PwC, Allen and Overy, Deutsche Borse Group, Brown Brothers Harriman, Royal Bank of Canada, State Street Bank, Microsoft, the mission and many others.

Unleash your teams true potential!


How does M-Power work?

This first part of the virtual workshop focusses on training participants how to manage their Goals, Priorities and Scheduling (GPS) so that they can get things done in a more effective, enjoyable and energetically balanced way.

The second part of the workshop focuses on PIE – training participants how to positively minimise Procrastination, manage Interruptions and manage their personal Energy (PIE).

How is it delivered?

Online or Offline – via your organisations conference system, zoom, MS Teams or skype. Participants can be working from the office or home and need internet access.

How many participants?

Up to 12 participants. Following the workshop a review of key points covered is sent to participants to help with implementation.

Workshop Content

Part 1 – Your GPS
After an introduction about the mind and emotions there are three key areas covered, in the first part of the workshop, easily remembered using the mnemonic – GPS.

  1. G – Goals

This is an opportunity for participants to decide and/or reflect on their top three goals for the next quarter (other time durations can be chosen depending on the needs of the participants) two work goals and one personal goal. It also covers how to make these SMART and Well-formed and more likely to be achieved. And how do these goals fit into the overall aims of the organisation.

  1. P – Prioritising

This session offers ideas/techniques on how to prioritise tasks including – the pareto principle, urgent/important matrix, to do lists, “prime time – make best use of your most productive time in the day” and others.

  1. S – Scheduling

How to improve your scheduling and planning – the “Big Rocks” theory, mind mapping key areas, aligning tasks to goals, creating a default diary – day, week, month; how to “top and tail” the day and when to review progress.

Part 2 – Your PIE

The second part of the workshop focuses on the following key areas:

  1. P – Procrastination

The what and why of procrastination and strategies for minimising it.

  1. I – Interruptions

One thing which uses a lot of our time and energy are random interruptions, this can be particularly prevalent while working from home. This session looks at managing them better in terms of people, emotions, technology and taking breaks.

  1. E – Energy

How can we manage our energy better so we’re not feeling fatigued and depleted by the end of our work day? This session offers some specific insights in three key areas – Mind, Body and Emotions.

Please note the style of the workshops are engaging, practical and inspiring with the emphasis being on immediate implementation of what has been learnt. This includes managing energy with short energiser exercises and short mindful pausing during the workshops.

What is included? 

  • Expert Facilitator for up to 12 pax
  • One day Workshop – 9.30am-4.30pm
  • Event Planning

How can it help your team?

M-Power is an ideal virtual team training choice to help improve your teams self belief so as to unlock their true potential and be more effective in the workplace as individuals
and as team players.

Key Team Benefits:

  • Mind Training
  • Wellness
  • Communication skills
  • Mental fitness
  • Creativity
  • Self-management
  • Resilience
  • Innovation
  • Increased brain power
  • Logical problem solving
  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Team dynamics
  • Leadership skills
  • Shared experience
  • Group cohesion

Event Information:

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