WeGo Worlds Challenge

From: 60 (p/p or per event ex-vat)

If your company is looking for a large scale teambuilding event for your team to help improve team communication, collaboration and to have a great fun day out then The WeGo Worlds Challenge is for you. With up to 6 themed activity zones and a group finale event to bring the team together and compete for grand title of the ‘Go Worlds’ champion, this event is a great option to bring your whole team together.


How does the WeGo Worlds Challenge work?

Teams compete in 4-6 themed activity zones with multiple teambuilding challenges before coming together for a group finale event.

Zones & Sample activities include:

  • Target Zone: Test your team’s strength and accuracy while taking part in a combination of fun competitive target sports. (sample activity – Archery)
  • Beat Zone: A fun interactive creative music themed event activity. A non-competitive  music and rhythm style workshop (sample activity – Group Drumming)
  • Build Zone: This zone is all about creativity, design, and construction. (sample activity – Bottle Rockets, Egg Drop)
  • Logic Zone: This team building zones includes a number of cerebral tasks. The better the team works together, the faster they solve the puzzles. This one requires intelligence and problem solving. Can your teams rise to the challenge? (sample activity – Planks Puzzle, Human Matchstick)
  • Comms Zone: Communication and collaboration are the keys to succeed in this zone. (sample activity – Sheep & Shepard, Minefield, Maze Table)
  • Energy Zone: Teams compete head on head in this high energy inflatable zone. (sample activity – Human Table Football, Bungee run)
  • Finale Event: Bring the whole team together for a spectacular grand finale (sample activity – Finale race, Giant Gladiator Challenge, Demolition Ball)

Experiences available at extra cost include:

  • A base event and price is offered but extra elements that need to be hired in such as mobile climbing walls will incur an extra p/p fee.
  • Zones can be added and customised with options such as a creative zone with group drumming or Go Kart racing.

What is included? 

  • Venue Sourcing
  • Event Planning
  • 3 hour activity program with 4-6 bespoke teambuilding activity zones and a finale event
  • Inflatable zone included but budget and number of attendees determine quantity/type of inflatables on offer (Basic event under 60 includes – Bungee run + Human Foozball + Demolition Ball + Inflatable Spider Marquee)
  • Prize Giving

What is not included? 

  • Food & Beverages are an extra cost. We can organise this for you through the chosen venue
  • Transport to and from the venue but we can organise this for you

How can it help your team?

The WeGo Worlds Challenge is an ideal teambuilding choice for large group sizes to help improve team collaboration and to have a great fun day out. Each event combines a bespoke blend of custom built activity zones with physical, mental and cerebral challenges chosen especially to build your team.

Key Team Benefits:

  • Communication skills
  • Team cohesion
  • Logical problem solving
  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Team dynamics
  • Leadership skills
  • Shared experience
  • Group cohesion

Event Information:

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